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With OneQode, speed is the #1 priority.

We’ve built a hyperfast, high capacity network that reaches billions across the Asia-Pacific. Add a high-performance cloud and dedicated servers built with the world’s fastest CPUs — and you’ll reach further and scale faster.

With OneQode you can:

  • Deliver snappy real-time experiences
  • Reach more people across the Asia-Pacific
  • Get faster CPUs and lower latency
  • Extract more performance from every server
  • Provide a better experience for end-users

Infrastructure that gives your users a best-in-class experience.

Ideal for performance-sensitive business applications

Cloud platform

Lightning-fast cloud infrastructure

With every core running at 3.7 GHz+

Built for gaming and real-time applications, our cloud platform delivers performance at low latency — and it won’t keep users waiting.

High-performance cloud

Lightning-fast compute

Powerful servers for next-gen experiences

Built on top of the world’s fastest CPUs

Handle more users and higher intensity workloads. Deliver smooth, compute-intensive business applications — and better end-user experiences.

Dedicated servers

Latency-optimized network

Instantaneous connectivity

A low-latency network that spans 3 continents

The OneQode carrier network operates on the shortest paths across the Asia-Pacific, intelligently routing traffic via the most direct path.

Carrier network

Enterprise Connectivity

Private highway for enterprise traffic

Intercontinental reach, uncompromising speed

Our resilient network connects your organisation across regions and continents, accelerating your business potential.

IP Transit

APAC Central

Deliver services from the heart of Asia-Pacific

With Asia-Pacific’s first central server hub

Connect billions of users across the region from a latency-neutral hub built by OneQode, optimized for real-time applications.

APAC Central

DDoS Protection

Always-on DDoS mitigation

Keep your users online, uninterrupted

Included free of charge, our DDoS appliances keep the network safe — with no impact on latency or performance.

DDoS protection


Rack space in our points of presence

Flexible data center solutions

Expand your reach across our global locations with affordable and reliable colocation services.


It checks all the boxes.

We help you deliver applications faster, reach more users, and get more value from your IT spend

21st century businesses can’t afford to keep users waiting. Our low-latency infrastructure accelerates your ability to scale, delights users, and is easy to integrate.

Further reach

Leave no-one behind with latency-optimized connectivity throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Better performance

Users spend less time watching loading spinners, and more time doing what they want to do.

Easy integration

Plug our high performance cloud into your existing DevOps workflow via a simple API built on open standards.


Users spend less time waiting or watching loading spinners — and more time doing.


Expect a support team that understand the tech, speak your language, and get things moving.

Get more from your
IT spend

Fit more users on every server, and support high-intensity workloads with ease.