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With Asia-Pacific’s high performance
game infrastructure provider

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The fastest platform
to run your games on.

Built for the game industry from the ground up

We asked “what would be the best platform for game developers to host their games on?”

And then we built it.

Here you can:

  • Reach more players in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Get faster CPUs and lower latency
  • Deliver immersive gaming experiences
  • Fit more players on every server
  • Launch next-gen, compute-intensive games

Game hosting that gives your players the red carpet treatment.

We’ll make your infrastructure a talking point for all the right reasons

Blazing fast game servers

Powerful servers for immersive gaming

Built with the world’s fastest CPUs

Let players experience your games the way you want them to be played. All CPUs run at 3.7 GHz+ for smooth, high tickrate gaming.

Cloud platform
Dedicated servers

Latency-optimized network

Lightning-fast gaming connectivity

An unmatched, low-latency carrier network

Your game traffic will take the most direct path to players across a carrier network we built ourselves, designed and optimized for latency.

Gaming network

APAC Central

Unlock groundbreaking cross-regional play

With Asia-Pacific’s first central gaming hub

Connect billions of players across the region on a level playing field — whether they’re from Melbourne or Mongolia.

APAC Central

DDoS Protection

Always-on DDoS mitigation

Keep your players in game, uninterrupted

Included free of charge, our DDoS appliances keep the network safe — with no impact on latency or performance.

DDoS protection

Good for players, good for you, good for business.

We help you reach more gamers, deliver incredible experiences, and get more value for money

Benefits for:  

You’ve spent countless hours building your game. Balancing every weapon and strategy. Our infrastructure is easy to integrate and delivers a great experience too.

Further reach

Leave no player behind with latency-optimized connectivity throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Shorter queues

APAC Central provides a consolidated server region that cuts matchmaking and queue times.

Easy integration

We’re built on open standards. Plug our cloud into your existing systems via OneQode’s OpenStack API.


Latency-optimized high tickrate servers give gamers the best possible experience.


Expect a support team that understand the tech, speak your language, and get things moving.

Get more from your
cloud resources

Build more computationally-intensive games, or fit more players on every server.

OneQode in Action

Powering a groundbreaking interregional tournament.

How OneQode’s gaming infrastructure fuelled
a world-first for Asia-Pacific esports

Case Study
A live Twitch stream of OneQode’s Guam Gaming Tournament playing on a television, with two people sitting on a couch watching